Blackberry Liquor


In the fall I wandered around my neighborhood picking wild blackberries. In just a few hours I had a small bucket full.


I’m not a big fan of jams or pies, so I decided to try making liquor. I rinsed the blackberries off, picked out the stems and any bruised or unripes ones, and then covered them with vodka.


After almost four months sitting in the vodka, the blackberries had disintegrated into a soupy blackberry goop.
It tasted very strongly of blackberry, but a little sour and dry, so I added a touch of sugar. A little bit of sugar worked like magic, and without anything else, it was delicious.


Straining is a bit of a chore. I ran it through a colander a few times, then a chinois about a dozen times until it ran clear, and then back to the colander again, but this time lined with cheesecloth.


There’s still sediment in the bottle. I suppose if I passed it through a coffee filter I could get rid of it, but I’m too impatient, so I just pour it carefully.


Blackberry Liquor


Clean blackberries and put them in a tight sealing jar. Add enough vodka to cover. Let rest for as long as you can wait, at least three months. Every week or so grab the jar and give it a good shake. Add sugar to taste.
When it’s delicious, strain repeatedly until the murkiness is reduced to your preference/tolerance. Chill and serve.

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  1. LOL for some reason I have an image of you skipping around in a red cape like in a fable, picking berries. That aside the recipe looks great!

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