Tasso-style Ham


This is pretty much your classic baked ham, done in the style of Tasso — in other words, coated in spices.

The process, which I failed to photograph, goes like this. First, brine the meat for a week, in a basic brine (salt and pepper in my case). If you’re using pork shoulder, you’re making tasso. If you’re using pork leg, then you’re making ham. After brining, it gets covered in spices and then hot smoked (bbq’ed) until done, about 24 hours.

The whole ham comes out of the bbq looking something like this.


The first cut looked pretty amazing.


The bulk of this will get sliced thin and served or cooked like ham. The odd bits around the bones I boiled and made into rillettes.

1 pork leg
for the brine:
1 quart water
1 C salt
for the rub:
1T cayenne pepper
2T paprika
1tsp garlic powder
1tsp onion powder

Brine the pork leg for 7 days. Rinse, pat dry, apply the rub, and air dry overnight in the fridge. Hot smoke in a bbq for 12-24 hours. Cool and slice thin.

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